Endorsed by Arlington's police and fire fighters!
Why was Mayor Jeff Williams hit with a restraining order?
In an attempt to disrupt the petition process, Mayor Williams ordered paid agitators to harass and assault petitioners.
Mayor Williams DECLINED three negotiation attempts where he was offered the "smarter" plan
Then, under the influence of their donors, consultants and special interest friends, the entire City Council illegally hijacked a petition with 11,433 signatures for their own political gain.
A Tarrant County Judge awarded us this restraining order the next day!
Your money is now being wasted on lawyers to shake down citizens for information on anyone who spoke negatively about Mayor Williams and the City Council.
You need to see this...
Your First Amendment Right is under Assault by 
Arlington's Mayor and City Council!
And you're paying for it!
About 20 "Extremists" from the Vote FOR Term Limits movement appear at City Hall to expose a taxpayer-funded witch-hunt....Keep reading....
The council didn’t allocate a specific amount to defend the lawsuit, she said. 

It’s so difficult to know what a lawsuit will cost,” she said.
-- Teri Solis, Arlington City Attorney
Term Limits Proposal for Arlington:
Six years max City Council. Six years max as Mayor.
Wilemon, Wolff and Glaspie replaced in May 2019!
Capehart & Shepard replaced in 2020!
Endorsed by police and fire associations!
Majority approval in membership poll of Arlington Republican Club
Bipartisan support from Progressive Women of Arlington
Endorsed by U.S. Term Limits (fighting for congressional term limits)
Toughest Term Limits in Texas. We're setting the bar high!
Want a Yard Sign?
Endorsed by Arlington police and fire fighters!
"It has been determined that our Fire Fighters and the Citizens of Arlington will see positive change with successful passage of this referendum. "
Arlington Professional Firefighters Association
"The AMPA board has voiced their support for the 'Term Limits' proposal in an effort to bring about positive change and support within our department and our city."
Arlington Municipal Patrolman's Association
Call 817-459-6878 and demand a SETTLEMENT in the Term Limits Lawsuit. Your First Amendment Right to petition without ILLEGAL interference is more important than Mayor Williams' friends clinging to power.
And vote FOR term limits starting Oct. 22 (Early Voting).
Pol. Adv. Paid for by Citizens for a Better Arlington PAC
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